Poetry: “blue rabbits” in Superficial Magazine

I had a poem, “blue rabbits,” published in my good friend Julia’s zine, Superficial Mag (@superficial.mag on Instagram). I’ve really been enjoying playing with mixed media the last few years; hopefully you’ll get to see some more comics, art spreads, and mixed media poems on the blog!

Text reads:

from within the blue interior
of my childhood bedroom,
my first words of the month are not 
rabbit, rabbit— 

i say the word May on an exhalation
like its name means

i have been inside long enough
for my nails to grow long, be chewed down, 
and grow long and fine again.

in the morning i leave the chamber
and sit on the porch
for the first time in days.

i watch a neighbor, masked, 
unfold from her car with
hands full of mylar on strings. 

as i watch, 
one pulls free
and disappears into the blue May sky.

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