Essay published in The Hopper magazine

An essay I wrote back in grad school was recently published in The Hopper, an environmental literary mag that publishes some really lovely work. I have been working on submitting my writing in the last year and it was such a pleasant surprise that they were interested.

It was a trip to re-read this; it took place in a world before COVID, before my mother and grandmother passed within two years of each other– both of whom are featured. I was still thinking a lot about the omnipresence of technology and this overhang of worry, feeling surrounded by this net of buzzing uneasiness, both on a personal and political level.

Luckily, though, in 2022 there’s nothing to worry about! 🙃

In the midst of all… *gestures wildly* …this, I have been trying to slow down and make space for creativity. I hope you all are well ❤


Image by Alan R. Walker (Wikimedia Commons)

When my grandmother, eighty-four, needs to rush-order copies of The Glass Hotel or Where the Crawdads Sing for her book club, she hits me up. The family has shown her how to do online shopping maybe five or six times now, but it seems to settle in her mind for a week or two before melting away like fresh snow… [click to read]

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