A Housewarming & A Primer

Wow! First post! Shiny new blog! If you’re seeing this you’re probably a personal friend of mine, or maybe my mom, but in case you’re not — hi!

I’m Rebecca, a recent college grad/soon-to-be grad student with too much time on her hands. In school I got used to churning out pieces of writing, whether it be research papers, essays, poems for my capstone adviser, or articles for my school newspaper, which very few people read (hi again Mom!). At just a few months post-undergrad, I feel like I’m finally starting to exit the detox stage, and I’m itching to write again.

Which is where Donuts & Broccoli comes in! I’ll be using this site as a repository for any scraps of writing that might strike me, including essays, reviews, recipes, poems— who knows! And to keep myself to a schedule, I’m pledging one post a week, minimum: a D&B, every Sunday.

A donut, in my mind, is a sugary, cheerful, empty-calories treat that maybe has not so much to offer nutritionally but a lot to offer your soul. A donut, for the purposes of this blog, might be a 3 minute autotuned Bob Ross remix, or a thread from a woman who breeds sled dogs showing you her many, many puppies. Something you can snack on, fast, that might just brighten your day.

Your first experience with broccoli, on the other hand, might have been after it was microwaved in a steam bag and then plopped down next to your dinosaur chicken nuggets— in many peoples’ minds it becomes something you just gotta eat to get those vitamins and minerals.

But hopefully by adulthood you’ve had a good experience with brocc, and have realized that it can be super tasty as well as super good for you! And on this blog we’ll be serving up well-seasoned and good-for-you servings of informative deep dives and fresh perspectives on issues that might be dominating your news feed— or ones that might be getting left off of it. For instance, a trans person’s reflection on the new season of Queer Eye, or a podcast episode exploring pay for student athletes in the NCAA.

To dive right into the corniness that I’m sure will be a hallmark of this blog, I’ll quote Lin-Manuel Miranda in saying “I think it’s important to eat your vegetables and I think it’s important to eat your dessert. By which I mean, if you go down the wormhole with reading the worst news all the time, you’re not going to be of any use to anyone.”

With this blog I’m hoping to provide the internet with a balanced meal. Bon appétit!

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